Classes Start

May 6, 2021

In person summer and fall classes have been approved by San Mateo Adult Ed. However, class size is limited to 8 students because of COVID guidelines.


8 students have already registered for the class, but you can enter your name on the waitlist by calling Jeri McGovern at 650-558-2127. 


A detailed description of the topics covered are under "Classes". Summer classes are 8 session on Thursday from 12:30 – 2:30 PM. The cost is $100.00.

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This site is about Inge's genealogy classes held in San Mateo County, CA and transferring her many years of expertise to those interested in pursuing their own research.

Dr. Inge Harding-Barlow was the fifth and youngest child of a judge and, by descent, a quarter Dutch, a quarter North German on her mother's side, and half English on her father's side. 


She grew up in South Africa and has lived in Barron Park for many years volunteering for many local activities.


Email: ihb146 AT eskimo DOT com



There isn't a way to register through the San Mateo Adult Education Web site. Call the Coordinator, Jeri McGovern, at 650-558-2127 to get on our waitlist.


Inge is working with the Menlo Park History Center to provide consultations missed due to the shutdown.

Classes are taught at San Mateo Adult Education & Career Center in San Mateo, California

The key to your success finding your ancestors is history and economics. If you don't know what was going on in a particular country at a particular time, you won't know where to look for records about your ancestors. Bring a thumb-drive to class to download the handouts. 



At each class, Inge provides very detailed handouts on how to research your ancestors and provides a thumb drive with genealogical records from around the world including European

  • Rulers

  • History

  • People

  • Biographies of the rulers of England, France, Spain, & Portugal 

  • Digitized version of the class notes to make it easier to search.


With these resources, students can pursue their own investigations at their leisure. Much of that can be done at the Menlo Park Family History Center when it opens - hopefully in the near future.


I have benefited from your instructions on how to find factual information about my ancestors. It was a surprising experience to be able to compare facts obtained direct from the original sources versus those published on paid for programs such as Ancestry, Family Search and My Heritage. Not to say they shouldn't be used, rather be aware that information should be verified by going direct to the source.

It was amazing to see the inconsistencies in published family trees, for instance. Inge, you gave me the direction and search paths to use when working on my own. This was not easy, and did take me awhile to adjust to this investigating style. It was worth the time and effort and has resulted in my finding the exact villages, addresses, parishes and relatives for "my people" in Spain and the Azores. Thank you for sharing - Marie Cox